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The important part of any Girl Scout event - the FOOD!  Here is a quick rundown of the offerings at this year's conference.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive of food needs.  Whether you are an omnivore or vegetarian, eating gluten-free or on a carb-only diet, know you'll eat well at Lakamaga.



Coffee, tea, and water are available throughout the day in the Dining Hall.  Please consider bringing your own insulated mug and water bottle to conserve our resources.

Milk is available - just ask the folks in the kitchen to bring it out.

Pop and bottled water are available for purchase just outside of the Dining Hall.



A light breakfast is available from 7:30a to 8:15a in the Dining Hall.



A buffet lunch is available from 12:15p to 1:00p in the Dining Hall.


Attending any of the outdoor cooking classes?  These also include food.  Menus are still being set by the facilitators but know it will be something inclusive and delicious.

Want to speak to a committee member about special food needs?  Contact us and we'll chat


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