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LAST UPDATED 4/18/2024

What is the Lakamaga Conference?

The Lakamaga conference is the longest running volunteer-led educational experience in GSUSA.

Since 1969 a volunteer lead committee has planned and executed a fun and educational event for adult Girl Scout leaders.

It features classes on all sorts of different topics taught by other Girl Scout volunteers and subject matter experts.

From traditions, songs and games, managing conflict in your troop, to learning new skills and creating crafts, learning a new stem activity to do with your troop or simply networking with other leaders, there’s something for everyone!

Where is the conference? 

Camp Lakamaga 

12303 Lakamaga Trail N, marine on St Croix, MN 55047 

When is the conference? 

The conference is always the third Saturday in August.

The 2024 conference will be on Saturday August 17, 2024

Who is the conference for?

YOU! Any registered Girl Scout Adult Member is able to attend.

There’s something at the conference for everyone!

How does the conference work? 

Participants curate their conference experience! 

You can select up to 4 classes Saturday during the day from a variety of topics, and there are additional offerings  such as Friday and Saturday overnights, meal-making classes on Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night (for overnighters only), and a Stargazing option on Saturday night. 

Preview the 2024 classes HERE.

This sounds amazing! Where can I register?



What if I have an idea for a class I want to see at the conference? 

Awesome!  Send an email to us at  

What if I want to lead a class? 

Amazing! We'd love to hear from you! While the 2024 Class roster is full, you can email us at and we'll reach out to you for next year's conference!

What is the cost of the conference? 

The cost of the 2024 Conference is $30. This included the classes*, lunchtime networking sessions, access to the silent auction, troop boutique, waterfront time, camp tours and the patch! *Some classes have additional fees to cover consumable products

Is there financial assistance available for the conference? 

YES!  Interested participants can apply for it HERE. This assistance applies to the base registration fee, it does not cover additional fees to cover consumable products, overnight stays or adding a conference t-shirt. If you have questions on how to use this towards your registration please email us at 

Will there be lunch/food served?

In order to best meet everyone’s dietary needs all attendees (participants and facilitators) are asked to bring their own lunch/snacks.

Coffee and tea will be provided in the AM.

Bring your own mug!

A water bottle filling station is available.  

Phat Phil's Food Truck will also be on the grounds! (Additional food information will be posted in August 2024) 



What does the day look like?

7:30am Check in

8:15am Opening flag

8:45-10:15am: Class Session A

10:30-12:00pm: Class Session B



Girl Scout Troop Boutique (runs 9:30am-2:00pm)


Pontoon rides 

Food truck (11:00am-2:00pm)

Silent auction (9:30am-2:00pm) 

Camp store (11:00am-2:00pm) 

Reuse/Recycle table (12:15pm-2:00pm) 

2:15-3:45pm: Class Session C 

4:00-5:30pm: Class Session D 

5:45pm: Closing flag

I am unable to stay the whole day/need to leave early/ can't come until later may I come for part of the day? 

We understand that there are many reasons why people might not be able to stay they whole day.  If you need to leave early or come later, you are able to do so, we ask that you sign in/out and the check in/out table when you do so. The cost of the conference is $30 regardless of how long you stay or when you come.


Will there be a silent auction this year? 


The silent auction is only available to participants at the conference and is in person (no online bidding) 

Bidding starts at 9:30am and closes at 2pm 

Items will be available for pick up after 4pm. 

Please claim your item before you leave the conference. 

The Lakamaga silent auction accepts cash or checks or credit cards payment (minimum purchase amount required) 

Follow us on Facebook (Lakamaga Adult Conference) to get previews of silent auction items!

Can I donate an item/items to the silent auction? 


You can bring your item the day of the conference or contact us at to coordinate a drop off/pick up of the item if you are unable to attend the conference. 

You will need to fill out a silent auction bid FORM

Items do not need to be Girl Scout related.

They need to be in good repair and working order. 

Think of things you might see at a PTA silent auction and you’ll be good.

No alcohol, tobacco products are allowed on property

If you have questions as to whether or not your item/items are a good fit for the auction, email us!

Where do the funds from the silent auction go? 

Funds are used for improvements at Camp Lakamaga.

We work with the GSRV property team to determine what projects need to be done.

In the past we've done fire pits, benches, flags/flag poles, new curtains for the cabins and others. 

We are starting a campaign with our silent auction funds to donate a special item in 2030 for the 100th "Birthday" of Camp Lakamaga! 

Check back here, or follow us on Facebook (Lakamaga Adult Conference) for the latest updates! 

What is the Troop Boutique? 

The Troop Boutique is an opportunity for Cadettes, Senior, and Ambassador level Girl Scout Troops or Juliettes to sell their handmade goods to the adult volunteers at the conference.

The boutique is held rain or shine along the path outside of the Annie Paper dining hall.

For more information visit the Troop Boutique page HERE.


Will there be a Reuse, Recycle (formerly known as "Free") table this year?

Yes! It is one of the highlights of the conference!


I’ve never been to the conference, what is the Reuse, Recycle table?

A Girl Scout must “use resources wisely”

Participants are encouraged to bring items they think other Girl Scout leaders/volunteers might like such as: badge binders your troop has aged out of, books, craft materials, clothes and more!

Items must be clean and in good condition, small/loose items must be placed in a zip-loc bag or container, and labeled with what it is (and instructions if applicable) If you want your container back, please label it that way. 

No broken or damaged items (If you wouldn't donate it, or want it yourself, don't bring it) 

All participants will then have the chance to pick items from the table.

You can bring your items to the conference the day of or if you are unable to attend the conference but have items, you can contact to coordinate a drop off/pick up.


Will there be SWAPS?

Of course! The conference wouldn’t be complete without this Girl Scout tradition!

We encourage attendees to make and bring SWAPs to share with each other.

I’m a new leader, what are SWAPS?

Swaps are “special whatchamacallits affectionately pinned somewhere” they are small tokens of friendship that girl scouts can exchange with each other. Each swap uniquely reflects a fellow Girl Scout, their troop, or a memory of a special event.

Need ideas? Google and pinterest have tons of ideas!

I have a question on……

If you weren’t able to find the answer to your question above, please email us at

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