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Certification Classes


American Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED Certification (+$35).  This class starts promptly at 8:15 am.  Earn your First Aid/AED/CPR certification.  This is a blended learning class and participants must bring their certificate from the online portion of the class to this session.  Session A.

American Red Cross Small Craft Safety - Canoe (+$14).  This is a 1/2 day class to become American Red Cross Small Craft Safety - Canoe certified, which is required to lead Girl Scouts on open water canoe outings.  This is a blended learning class (online materials prior to class and then in-person on the 17th).  Prior to the in-person class on the 17th, participants *must* pass a skills pretest (instructors will contact you to schedule) and complete the online course/exam.  Participants must bring the online completion certificate to the class on the 17th.   There will be a swim test Saturday morning before class begins. The class will run from 8:00-11:30.  Spans Sessions A & B.

American Red Cross Small Craft Safety + Moving Waters - Canoe (+$14).  This is an all day class to become American Red Cross Small Craft Safety & Moving Waters – Canoe certified, which is required to lead Girl Scouts on open water canoe outings and river trips. This is a blended learning class (online materials prior to class and then in-person on the 17th).  Prior to the in-person class on the 17th, participants *must* pass a skills pretest (instructors will contact you to schedule) and complete the online course/exam for Small Craft Safety and Moving Waters.  Participants must bring the online completion certificate to the class on the 17th.   Participants must pass the Small Craft Safety class in the morning to move on to the Moving Waters class in the afternoon.  There will be a swim test Saturday morning before class begins.    Spans Sessions A - D.  

Kitchen Training.  Join Emily White and learn how to safely use the equipment in any of our camps' commercial kitchens.  Session C.

Girl Scout Classes


Creating a Girl Led Troop.  In Girl Scouts, girls are in control of their Girl Scout experience - it's Girl Led!   Join Mary Yapp and learn the how's and why's  of giving control of your troop to your girls.  Session B.

Event Planning for Troops and Service Units.  Join Andrea Luhman as she guides you through available planning resources, incorporating safety guidelines without fuss, and online tools that can make registration easy. Session A.

Extra Extra Daisies.  Looking for some extra training and ideas for your Daisy Troop?  By the end of your session with Kathy Scholer, you will be able to: Define the role of a Girl Scout Daisy leader, identify developmental characteristics of a Daisy Girl Scout, implement of age appropriate behavior, and troop safety with the girls in the troop. We will incorporate some Girl Scout history, songs, games and ceremonies into the troop meetings. Session A.

Extra Extra Brownies.  Looking for some extra training and ideas for your Brownie Troop?  By the end of your session with Kathy Scholer, you will be able to: Define the role of a Girl Scout Brownie leader, identify developmental characteristics of Brownie Girl Scout, implement age appropriate behavior, troop safety, and conflict management techniques with the girls in the troop using troop government.  We will also Incorporate Girl Scout history, songs, games, and ceremonies into the troop meetings.   Session B.

Higher Awards & Preparing Your Girls.  Join Andrea Luhman as she guides you  through getting your girls ready for completing higher awards.  Gain an understanding of higher award requirements and guiding your girls through a project they designed.  Session B.

Recipe for Troop Success.  You hear of troops that stay together all the way through high school, or of the leader who always shares their amazing stories about volunteering with Girl Scouts. Do you ever wonder what the magic ingredient is that gives them a great experience? Join Pam Wurster as she shares the top tips and best practices, based on data and volunteer feedback collected by Girl Scouts USA, to ensure you become a successful troop. Session C.

Rubber Band Engineer.  Get your tinker on with Bernice Prigge-Rodriguez and learn how to facilitate STEM programming with your girls.  Session D.

Successful Travel Planning With Older Girl Scouts.  Savannah, GA and the SE USA makes a great program for Cadette scouts.  Join Joan Krikava as she shares how to plan an motor coach trip that is affordable, safe and age appropriate for girls grade 6-9. London & Paris are a great starter trip for high school scouts.  Learn how to help the scouts plan all aspects of the trip. Session C.

Teaching Your Troop.  This workshop will use a collaborative format. You will leave understanding a decision making model that you can use with your troops. We will also cover an effective model to teach conflict resolution skills to your troop. You will leave with specific ideas that you can use with your troops. We will also talk about adapting methods as your troop ages.  Session A.

Traditions - Always Green!  Sandra Smith  will cover all areas that make up Girl Scout traditions including flags, badges, awards and ceremonies.  Session A.

Maker Classes

Biblio Arts.  Join Bernice Prigge-Rodriguez as she teaches you how upcycle old books into something new (a secret safe, a table, etc)!  Learn how to facilitate this activity with your troop.   Perfect for the Cadette Book Artist badge.  Session B.

Camp Keepsake Frame.  Have your treasured camp keepsakes been stuck in a box or a drawer long enough?!?  Sharon Blackie invites you to create a special frame to display them and enjoy those memories every day!  Bring a large frame you like (rustic, funky, shabby chic, elegant), 11x14” or larger—pick one up at a garage sale or thrift store and upcycle it if you can!), and any special camp mementos you want to include.Session C.

Cast Pewter Jewelry (+$15).  Join Jessie Tank and learn to carve your own pendant design out of cuttlefish form and cast pewter for your own one-of-a-kind pendant.   Price includes cuttlefish blanks, pewter and carving tools.  Session C.

Chainnmaille Shaggy Loop Jewelry (+$25).  Join Edie from Weave Got Maille  in Ada, MN as she teaches you how to weave a shaggy loop.  Cost includes all tools and kits to make a simple project that you can use with your girls.  This technique is suitable for girls 10 & up. Session A.

Fresco Painting.  Come learn with Amber Miller about the painting style the Michelangelo used to paint the Sistine Chapel. You will learn how to prepare and make your own fresco painting  Session D.

Handmade Greeting Cards.  Make Handmade Greeting cards with Jennifer Frion.  Creating your own greeting card is a personal way to show someone you care. This class will teach you some tips for making a basic birthday or thank you card. Create beautiful cards with craft paper, embellishments, ribbon, stamps, pens, markers and more.  Session B.

Inspirational Journal.  We will be upcycling recycled books into inspirational journals. Learn how to make a journal cover to cover, set eyelets, and decorate it using fun materials. Come find out what a book belt is and don’t forget to bring your favorite quote. Session B.

It's Just a Box (Girl Scout Trinket Box).  Paint and decorate a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" wooden box with Karen Klose.  Many designs to choose from have Girl Scout themes.  The finished boxes are cute and can be used to store your Girl Scout pins and other trinkets.  These boxes make nice little friendship or Thank You gifts.  This is fun and you can do it!  We will have all the materials for you.  Session B.

Lutherie (+$15).  This is a 2 session class. Learn the craft of making wood instruments by hand with Charlotte from Blackbird Music.  In this workshop we will learn to safely and effectively use basic hand tools and principles of Stringed Instrument Construction by making a small 3-stringed instrument called a Rebec.  We will also learn a little about the history and cultural context of this instrument, which came to Europe with the Moors.  Spans both Sessions A & B.

Macrame.  A fun and relaxing activity to do with your girls!  Come join Peggy Hall and learn some basic macrame knots. Please bring an approximately 12" long stick and a skein of cording with you to class. Session D.

Mandala and Kindness Rock Painting.  Join Lynn Zorn as she teaches you to use simple tools and supplies to paint  mandalas on rocks.  Learn how to use this craft with your troop for badges and fun. Everyone will leave with a set of tools, supply lists and painted rocks.   Session D.

Memory Pillows.  Join Chris Pearson and create a unique pillow cover from a button-down shirt. These pillows are a great way to remember a lost loved one, and keep them close to us.  Make sure to bring a button-down shirt (it will be cut up), and a square pillow-form (any size between 10-18 inches). If you have a sewing machine, you can bring that too, if you'd like.  Session D.

Scroll Saws.  Learn to use a Scroll Saw with MN Scroll Saw Artists, the North Star Scrollers!  The Scroll Saw is a table top saw that can be used to  cut fine curves and make projects like a trivet.    If you have fun and want to do more later, these saws can be checked out at the MN Tool Library locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Two session class offered in  Sessions A-B & C-D.

Sewing a Decorative Hand Towel.  Create a decorative towel for the kitchen by adding a topper and a loop to hang the towel on the stove or refrigerator.  With Karen Anderson.  Session A.

Spoon Carving (+$40).  This is a 2 session class.   Learn how to carve a spoon from a fresh cut tree using traditional Nordic carving techniques with Jess Hirsch from Women's Woodshop.  This class will cover tree anatomy, axing out a blank (roughed out spoon shape), knife holds for the hook & sloyd knife, drying and finishing.  This class is great for a beginning carver.  Jess is offering this class at a discount to Girl Scouts.  Class fee includes tool rental, materials, finishing kit and safety gloves.  Each attendee will walk away with their own hand carved cook spoon. Spans Sessions C & D.

Stained Glass Fun.  Returning by popular demand. Come and " paint" on picture frames wonderful faux stained glass pictures with Mike and Gerri Fitzloff.   Please bring an 8x10 picture frame to class.  Session D.

Outdoor Classes


Cast Iron Cooking.  Do you like to cook over the fire and are interested in new ideas?  Join Julia Miller in using dutch ovens and pie irons.  Session A.

Knotty and Knice. Join Bernice Prigge-Rodriguez and learn basic knots plus how to facilitate fun knot tying activities with your Daisies, Brownies & Juniors.  Session A.

Outdoor Immersion.  Spend all day outdoors with Natalie Broshar and Kathy Montz.   We will cook outside, set up tents, learn how to teach pocket knives to girls, basic knots, navigate with map and compass.  This class meets the requirements for Girls Cook Out and Girls Sleep Out. All Day Class, Sessions A - D.

Pontoon Boat Ride.  Head down to the waterfront and enjoy a pontoon boat ride with Tibit on beautiful Big Marine Lake. Offered in Sessions A, B, C.

Pop Can Fishing.  Come and go fishing with Mike Fitzloff using just a pop can (with tab), fish line, sinker, weight, bobber, and hook.
Let's see if we can do better than the previous classes that were taught and catch the big one!!!!  Session A.

Pyro Power.  Join Bernice Prigge-Rodriguez as she teaches 2 pyrography techniques using a fire and the sun!  Projects will be suitable for Juniors and up.  Session C.

Raising and Releasing Monarchs.  Join Mary Ellen Brue and learn the hows and whys to find caterpillars and successfully release beautiful Monarch Butterflies.  Session C.

Swedish Candles, Rocket Stoves & Earth Stoves.  Are your fire building techniques limited to the "Log Cabin" and "A-Frame"?   Join Ben  Yanok and learn new ways of building fires.  Session C.

Whittling for Older Girls.  Learn to make a "5 minute wizard" using fixed or folding blade knives with George Fehn.  Class will cover blade type, knife safety, blade sharpening and care.  Cut resistant or cut proof gloves are recommended as well as a SHARP knife.  Session B.

Wild About the Outdoors.  Have  you ever tracked an animal?  Do you know what lives in a decaying log?  Come and learn with Gerri Fitzloff  about some fun nature things to take back to your troop from the Project Wild curriculum.  Session C.

Specialty Classes


3 Steps to Save a Life.  Join Stephanie Badowicz and learn QPR.  QPR is designed to teach 3 simple steps anyone can learn to save a life from suicide.   Stephanie teaches QPR professionally to schools and youth groups.  A great class for anyone who works with girls. Session D.

Celebrate Womanhood.  You probably know many of our forefathers. Do you know our foremothers? They were strong women with a passion for improving the condition of all women everywhere. In this class Karen Klose will explore the plight of women and the successes in  improving conditions for all women. The class will include activities for girls to help you guide them in this exploration of how our foremothers paved the way for women of today to enjoy the conditions of the 21st century. ft will be fun for you as you gain knowledge of this topic and the implications it has for girls and women of today. Session C.

Evolution of an Entrepreneur.  Kelly Cusick has been self-employed for 30 years in corporate-industrial video production. In 2009 she began an entirely different business with two partners that triggered more excitement, surprises, challenges & transformation than she ever expected. Kelly will share the ways in which her story is typical of many other fledgling entrepreneurs, useful strategic concepts she's learned, leadership tips & personal advice. This workshop will include discussion time with participants; be ready to share your own strengths, skills, goals, dreams & questions. Perhaps this session will open your eyes to some new opportunities or possibilities, too.  Session C.

Folk Dancing.  Learn folk dancing with Sharon Reese and Caroline Thompson.  You will learn simple folk dances such as Gustav's Skoal, reels and schottischer to teach to your girls.  Suitable for all program levels but especially for Daisies and Brownies.   You will also receive a book of written instructions.  Session D.

Let's All Drum! Everyone can drum!  Join Linda Melcher  in creating our own unique Lakamaga rhythms with drums & hand percussion.  Bring your favorite Girl Scout songs and we will jam along. All drums & percussion provided.  No prior drumming or music experience necessary just a willingness to have a great time creating soundscapes together. Session C.

Qigong: Breath Work for Relaxation.  Join Kim Husband and learn several easy breathwork patterns to stimulate Qi (inner life force) and bring mind and body into harmony. Can be done standing or seated. No special equipment necessary.  Bring a camp chair if you'd like to sit.  Session C.

Tai Chi: Gentle Movement for Health.  Join Kim Husband and learn a 5-posture T'ai Chi form to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, boost your immune system, improve balance, lower blood pressure, and add some movement to your routine. Can be done standing or seated. No special equipment necessary.   Bring a camp chair if you'd like to sit. Session D.

You're Toxic!  New this summer from the STEM Alumnae Chapter - Toxicology! Scientists in this field study the effects of chemicals on living organisms, and so will you! Wow your troop, friends, and family with tox experimental goodies such as "Shark's Blood", "Pollution Soup", and more! We will also highlight Girl Scout badges that are relevant to your new tox know-how. By the end of the session, you will understand that the dose makes the poison, and if you don't have Britney Spear's "Toxic" running through your head by now, you will by the end of the session. Session B.