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  • How do I access my classes?
    Find and open your email titled "Registration Confirmation To Lak@Home" from sender Lakamaga Adult Education - Girl Scouts River Valleys. Click on the grey “Access Online Event” button. In a desktop/laptop browser, the schedule is on the right under the Media Tab. On a mobile phone, scroll down to the bottom. As you click on each class, you'll see specific class information and a blue "Launch" button. Click on the blue "Launch" button at the scheduled time. Please don't click on the Launch Button any earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled session begins. Jot down your Meeting ID and Passcode for your next class in case you need it.
  • How do I find my confirmation email?
    Check your spam. Still can’t find your email? That’s OK! Go to and click “Resend Confirmation”. Enter the email you used to register for the conference.
  • Where do I find my Zoom Controls?
    Hover over (browser), tap on (mobile) your Zoom Screen. Your controls will then appear. Click on your desired control. If you don't see the control you want, look for and click on the three more dots ("...").
  • How do I use my phone audio instead of my computer audio?
    If there is a phone number in the meeting description you may use it to dial into the meeting with the number and meeting codes provided. If there is not a phone number and the facilitator has enabled phone line audio in addition to computer audio, you will get a window that looks like this when the facilitator admits you into the Zoom meeting room.... Click on the Phone Call tab and use the on screen numbers/codes. If all you see is Computer Audio, phone audio is not enabled for the meeting and you should use your computer audio.
  • How do I get at the downloads?
    Go to your Conference Access. Click the Downloads Tab. Click on the download you want. Click the blue launch button. This blue launch button can be clicked at any time (unlike the Launch under Media - that launches Zoom and should be clicked no earlier than 5 minutes before your class).
  • What if I have other problems or questions?
    Check the Lak@Home Bulletins Page to see if the answer to your question is there. If not, use the Chatbox below and we'll respond as soon as we can.
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