07:45A CHECK IN     


08:45-10:15A TRACK CLASS 1 

10:30-12:00P TRACK CLASS 2 


02:15-03:45P TRACK CLASS 3 

04:00-05:30P TRACK CLASS 4 



The Lakamaga Adult Conference Committee is making plans following the COVID-19 guidelines as of June 1st, 2021. As such this year's conference will have Tracks. What this means is that you will choose which Track you want for the day. Each Track is in its own location and facilitators will come to you at that location. 

YELLOW TRACK (Location: Waterfront) 

Classes: Lake Canoeing Skills for Adults I and II and Lake Canoe Safety Pretest Challenge



Spend the day at the beach! You'll learn basic paddling strokes or get a refresher on how to best use those strokes effectively. Individual feedback and helpful tips will be provided. Then you'll move on to learn/practice the specifics skills such as J-stroke and solo paddling needed to pass the pre-test for taking Canoe Safety Certification. If time permits, experienced paddlers can attempt the padding test. Lastly, you'll have the opportunity to make a practice run or two before attempting the paddling test that is required before taking the Council's Canoe Safety Certification. If successful, you are set to take the Small Craft Safety Training in June 2022. 

Facilitator: Pam Wurster 

RED TRACK (Location: Day Camp Area) 

Classes: Hammocking 101 and Girls Cook Out & Sleep Out 



Come join the only track at Lakamaga with a hammock nap in the middle of it! In addition to mastering the art of the hammock nap, we'll build your confidence in your skills to take your girls outdoors with "Girls Cook Out, Sleep Out" training. BONUS-if you bring grounds and some coffee filters you can make yourself all the coffee you want! 


You will be given a list of ingredients to bring with you if you'd like to try some classic and new camp recipes for your lunch (cooking equipment will not be shared between attendees) 

Facilitator: Nat Broshar 

PINK TRACK (Location: Agnes Ober Upper) 

Classes: Aluminum Foil Stain Glass, Knot Crafts, Nature Journaling, A Hiking We Will Go 


Aluminum Foil Stain Glass:

Transform a plain 8X10 picture frame into a work of art using sharpies and aluminum foil!

Facilitator: Mike Fitzloff 

These are "Knot" Crafts: 

Create crafts that help girls practice their knotting skills. Projects include a paracord keychain and a string friendship bracelet. 

Facilitator: Amber Swift 

Nature Journaling: 

Learn how relaxing observing and journaling can be using nature. 

Facilitator: Gerri Fitzloff 

A Hiking We Will Go!: 

Learn all kinds of hikes you can do with your Troop and how to make them fun AND educational!

Facilitator: Gerri Fitzloff 

BLUE TRACK (Location: Mary Randall) 

Classes: Mandala Rocks, Knotty and Knice 1 and 2, Girl Scout Ceremonies 



Mandala Rocks: 

Learn how to paint simple mandalas on rocks. You will use simple inexpensive tools and given information on how to seal the rocks. Everyone will go home with a few painted rocks and ideas of how to share this craft with your girls and your own set of tools. 

Facilitators: Lynn Zorn and Danielle Wishard 

Knotty and Knice I and II: 

Learn or get a refresher on your basic knots and how to facilitate a fun knot learning activity with your Troop! Once we've covered the basics we'll take it up a level with some decorative knots and create a take-home project(s). 

Facilitator: Bernice Prigge Rodriguez 

Girl Scout Ceremonies

What's the difference between a fly-up ceremony and a bridging? What side is the knot on for a flag ceremony? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the Lakamaga Conference resident Ceremonies expert. 

Facilitator: Emily White 

PURPLE TRACK (Location: Agnes Ober Lower) 

Classes: Fabulous Folds, Budget Craft Bonanza, Geocaching, Shockingly Super Science


Fabulous Folds

Learn how to make and take 3 simple, fun, and mail-able fabulous fold greeting cards in this easy-to-follow hands-on class.

Facilitator: Rebecca Colby 

Budget Craft Bonanza: 

Is your Pinterest board full of DIY Crafts? Then this one's for you!

Turn a few easy-to-find, inexpensive items into useful and decorative upcycled treasures without blowing your budget! 

Facilitators: Sharon Blackie and Debbie Grimmer 


A Global Treasure Hunt right at your fingertips! Bring your phone to practice and learn how to put on this activity for your Troop/SU. 

Facilitator: Julia Miller


Shockingly Super Science 

You-yes you!-can set up fun ways for your Troops to explores science in their daily lives. Investigate static electricity and simple circuits with easy-to-find supplies. Create and take home a fun greeting card with lights, along with other great experiments. We'll also look at some badge and award tie-ins, both how to bring new activities to STEM-related badges and bringing the STEM to badges you already love! 

Facilitator(s): GSRV STEM Alumnae Group

GREEN TRACK (Location: Troop House) 

Classes: Team Building, GS Cross Stitch People, Rubber Band Engineering 



Team Building:

Based on a short assessment, you will identify your own personality type. Then you will learn key strengths and weaknesses of that type. Finally learn how your personality type impacts communication, stress management, and relationships. Attend as an individual or with your fellow Troop/SU volunteers for a team-building opportunity. **This class is two sessions**

Facilitator: Elda Bloemendal 

GS Cross Stitch People: 

In this class, you will create a cross-stitch design of your own, personalized to your liking of a Girl Scout! 

Would make a fabulous craft for girls to make or as a gift to your favorite Girl Scout volunteer!

Facilitator: Kristi Jacobsen 

Rubber Band Engineering: 

Get your tinker on while also learning how to facilitate some fun STEM activities for your Troop! 

Facilitator: Bernice Prigge Rodriguez